Confined Space Equipment Hire

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If you wish to rent from  us, please print this form off  SST A-0003-Rental Form V2 and email completed to [email protected] , thanks

ItemDescriptionDay Rate $Weekly Rate $
4 Gas MonitorH2S, CO, LEL & O2$105 + GST$315 + GST
Bump KitRegulator & cup – you purchase gas bottle $275 + GST$25 + GST$75 + GST
Basic HarnessConfined space or heights$50 + GST$150 + GST
Tower HarnessFor climbing and sitting in$80 + GST$240 + GST
Tower Worker HelmetHelmet designed to wear while climbing$25 + GST$75 + GST
2m S/A LanyardLanyard with shock absorber$30 + GST$93 + GST
Twin Tail LanyardElastic twin with shock absorber$45 + GST$120 + GST
5m Rope GrabIncludes shock absorber$45 + GST$120 + GST
Roofers KitHarness, 15m rope grab, anchor sling & karabiner$75 + GST$250 + GST
Spreader BarConfined Space Rescue$30 + GST$93 + GST
Tripod Only2.6m working height$68 + GST$204 + GST
6:1 Rope RescueFor tripod to raise lower to depth 10m$60 + GST$180 + GST
Confined Space Entry SetTripod, 6:1 10m depth, Spreader bar$130 + GST$385 + GST
Davit Mast – no baseDavit with no base$80 + GST$300 + GST
Davit Mast & WinchDavit with winch – no base$120 + GST$460 + GST
Davit Complete with winchDavit & winch complete$200 + GST$600 + GST
Davit Complete, winch & back up SRLDavit complete with winch plus additional SRL with rescue winch$260 + GST$800 + GST
Gantry Set UpTwo Tripods plus a 5m or 2m beam with winch & locating winch and 20m inertia reel$600 + GST$1600 + GST
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)SCBA with 4l or 6l bottle$84 + GST$252 + GST
Spare Cylinder for SCBA4L or 6L$21 + GST$63 + GST
HP Air fillsPer fill$16 + GSTNa
Escape RebreatherMSA SSR30/100 – Duration20 min at 35 l/min (heavy)30 min at 30 l/min (escape)100 min at 10 l/min (at rest)$84 + GSTNote if opened refurbish fee charged$252 + GSTNote if opened refurbish fee charged
Airline System from bottle15m line for bottle connection$100 + GST$400 + GST
Intrinsically Safe RadiosFor communicating in potentially explosive environments$75 + GST per unit$250 + GST per unit
Portable static line18m length for two persons$60 + GST$180 + GST
Helmet mounted lightMining light with battery, intrinsically safe – 6000 cd working light – 36 hour burn time$40 + GST$150 + GST
Ventilation FanElectric Fan with ducting$45 + GST$150 + GST
Electric GeneratorTwo outlets, you supply fuel, comes fall$75 + GST$240 + GST
GOTCHA Heights Rescue17m heights rescue kit$75 + GST$225 + GST
GOTCHA Heights RescueKits for greater heights Call for price
Auto DescenderAuto descend Self Rescue system$55 + GST$175 + GST
GOTCHA Pole Top Rescue KitTo rescue a suspended person from a pole or tower by climbing to them$55 + GST$175 + GST
 Compressor, 240v, will service  2 Long Lines ALL day. Compressor with ONE 40m line and ONE Flite Bail Out System $650.00 + GST $1950 + GST