Gas Monitors

Gas checks prior to entering a confined space can be carried out by lowering your gas monitor via a drop line.  If this is not suitable you can purchase a monitor with a built in pump and connect a long small hose to be inserted into the space.  The type of gas monitor you require is obviously dependent on your needs.  ALL 4 gas monitors are configured to detect the two most common toxic gases,  hydrogen sulphide (H2S) & carbon monoxide (CO); they look for the flammable gas of methane (CH4) and they measure the actual level of oxygen (O2).

If you have other gases that may be present, you may need to buy an additional single gas monitor for that gas, or see if you can have your four gas monitor changed to include that gas.  Remember that if you change it, you will need to remove one of the toxic sensors.

We also calibrate your gas monitors, which is required six monthly.

We also supply five gas monitors and PID Gas monitors… see below.

Remember staff using gas monitors need to be trained in their proper use.  We can provide that training..


GX-2009 Personal 4 Gas Monitor

GX-2009 4 Gas

  • Smallest and lightest 4 gas monitor on the market
  • Very robust and easy to use
  • LEL, CO, H2S & O2
  • Belt clip rotates to allow viewing from any angle
  • Dual audible alarms
  • 3 visual alarms LEDs
  • Vibration alarm
  • 20 hours operation
  • Intrinsically safe IECEx approved
  • Supplied fully calibrated
  • Waterproof & dustproof

$875.00 + GST per unit

Hand pump for GX2009 with 3m tube $175.00 + gst

Calibration Cup for GX2009 $110.00 + gst


GX-2012 4 Gas Monitor with pump  

  • Monitors LEL CH4, O2, CO & H2S
  • 0 to 100% Methane option
  • Auto-ranging display of % LEL & % volume
  • Internal pump with up to 15m range
  • Vibration, visual & audible alarms
  • Auto back light during alarms
  • Calibration reminder with lock option
  • Quick charge = 90 minutes
  • Glove friendly
  • Alarm latching or non latching
  • High impact protection

$1695.00 + GST



EAGLE 2 – Portable PID Gas Monitor  

  • Monitor up to 6 different gases
  • PPM/LEL hydrocarbon detection
  • PID low and high range for VOC detection
  • Infrared sensors available for: CO2; % LEL; % Vol CH4; %  LEL HC
  • Plug & play smart toxic sensors
  • Powerful long life pump to 38m range
  • Alkaline 16 hours or Ni-MH 20 hours
  • Datalogging standard
  • IrDA comms port
  • Autocalibration



from $2195.00 + GST for LEL & ppm



SC-01 Single Toxic Gas Monitor  

  • Smart interchangeable sensors
  • Wide range of toxic gases
  • Unique extender cable for remote monitoring
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 250 hours continuous operation
  • Operates on 2 “AA” alkaline batteries
  • Audible/visual/vibration alarms
  • Datalogging standard
  • Impact resistant
  • Intrinsically safe

$825.00 + gst



Honeywell GasAlert MicroClip Xl      


Comprehensive multi-gas monitoring

Detects Hydrogen Sulphide, Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen and combustibles (%LEL)

Designed for use in tough environments

IP 66/67 rating and built-in concussion-proof boot. Loud audible, visual and vibrational alarms for use in high noise locations

Easy use with minimal training

Simple one button operation, intuitive interface and continuous LCD showing real-time gas concentrations

Simplifies compliance

IntelliFlash™ provides visual confirmation of device compliance to user and supervisor, helping to increase site safety and simplify portable fleet management

Works hard all day

Lithium polymer battery provides long run time (10 hours), whilst benchmark sensors ensure accurate, high-performance detection of flammable, toxic and Oxygen gas hazards

Easy and cost-effective to maintain

Works with BW Technologies by Honeywell’s MicroDock II automatic test and calibration system

Flexible user options

Device offers a variety of user defined options including; Auto zero on start up, Oxygen auto calibration on start up, force bump test when overdue and the choice of 5 languages

Cost of unit is $915.00 + gst



Impact Portable Multi-Gas Monitors

The Impact range of portable multi-gas monitors is able to monitor and display up to four gases simultaneously. Using high specification flammable, oxygen and patented Surecell™ toxic sensors, our unique cartridge technology ensures safe, accurate and reliable measurements are always made. Impact and Impact Pro are ideal for providing personal protection against gases in tough environments, especially in confined spaces where entry and exit may be difficult. The Impact range provides easy and economical means of personal gas detection to meet compliance requirements.

Reliable Operations

  • Pre-calibrated plug-in sensor cartridge
  • High specification sensors
  • Patented Surecell toxic sensors
  • Stable and accurate

Easy to Use

  • One button on/off
  • On screen prompts guide user
  • Built in correction factors for flammable gas (you select)

Easy to Maintain

  • Plug in operation for all serviceable parts
  • Cartridge replacement in less than one minute
  • Re-calibration in less that two minutes using ENFORCER

Durable Housing

  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Rugged and impact resistant

Alarm Indications

  • 3 levels of instantaneous alarm, time weighted average alarms on toxic gases
  • Periodic confidence flash and bleep
  • Powerful two tone audible alarms
  • Vibrating alarm for noisy environments
  • Safe link communication

User Friendly Pre-entry Check

  • Peak hold function and drop line
  • Hand aspiration
  • Built-in automatic pump (Impact Pro Model Only)
  • Totally flexible

Cost of:

Impact Gas Monitor PRO $1990.00 + gst (auto pump & rechargeable batteries)

Impact Gas Monitor $1690.00 + gst (user replaceable batteries, no pump)


Impact Enforcer Unit – $540.00 + gst

Regulations require regular testing of gas monitoring equipment to ensure that the instrument will work as and when required.  The Enforcer allows you to easily comply with regulations when using the Impact multigas monitor without the need for costly test facilities and third parties.

  • “Bump” testing may be required before use of any portable gas detector.  This involves exposing each gas sensor to a known concentration of target gas and ensuring that it responds correctly. If not, the unit must be re-calibrated or serviced to replace those parts not working.
  • Personal gas monitors are normally calibrated every  6 months. Typically this requires specialist knowledge and equipment that is costly or the work is sub-contracted to a third party. During this time instruments are not available for use and so could delay essential operations or force additional monitors to be purchased. The Enforcer calibrates Impact multi-gas monitors fitted with Oxygen, flammable, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulphide sensors in less than two minutes. Volumes and flow rates are minimised to allow approximately 200 calibrations per cylinder of gas making calibration as low in cost as a ‘Bump’ test.   Impact instruments when used with The Enforcer are always available for use.  Calibration results are recorded for printing at a later date via the optional PC software thereby ensuring that instrument histories are always available if required.