Roofers Kits, Anchors & Static Lines

These items are the key to working on roofs safely if used appropriately.  Like all safety gear, you need to select the right kit for the right job.  Remember prices vary due to quality and comfort; usually a cheaper kit will have budget harness (which most of us would not elect to wear), so be cautious if  you buy just on price, because you get what you pay for.  WE DO NOT SELL THE “NO FRILLS” kits..we only sell what we are prepared to wear..


Roof Workers Kits 

Spectre Roof Workers kit made up from 15m of 11mm kernmantle rope with rope grab, 1100 harness, karabiner and anchor sling with carry bag.  Good quality harness, kernmantle rope (not twist) and is our most popular kit. 

$540 + GST    pictured below


Budget roofers kit


Deluxe Roof Workers Kit containing 15m 11mm kernmantle rope,rope grab, personal shock absorber,  1104 harness, 1 karabiner, anchor sling and bag.  This is the ideal kit for people working regularly at height but also the harness is ideal for confined spaces..

$700 + GST (not shown in picture)

All Purpose Kit, containing 1104 harness, 1 x 3055 lanyard with scaffhook, 1 x shock absorber, 1 x anchor sling, 1 x 15m rope grab and adjuster in kit bag..  as above but also includes 1.8m scafhook lanyard  as seen in picture

$830.00 + GST


safety kits



Quick Fix Temporary Roof Anchor for STEEL Roofs            

Roof anchor quick fix

Ideal for fast attachment, clips to edge of roof at the gutter line. Quick and easy to install, rated for fall arrest.


Cost is $165.00 each + GST in stock



Anchor Slings

Endless 25mm webbing anchor sling to get into any spot..    

#3502   1.2m  $24.00 +  GST  in stock

               2.0m $28.00 + GST  made to order

               2.4m $30.00 + GST made to order

Blacksnake 0.6  Attachment Sling .6m MBS 7000kg  $52.50 + GST

Blacksnake 1.0  Attachment Sling 1.0m MBS 7000kg $60.00 + GST

Blacksnake 1.6  Attachment Sling 1.6m MBS 7000kg $73.50 + GST 


Anchor Straps

#3501 Reeved heavy duty anchor strap with wear pad 1.3m  $65.00 + GST  anchor







Hard Point Anchors

CT01 is a temporary reusable concrete anchor that you drill the hole, insert the anchorconcret anchor

and remove when done.

$168.00 + GST






Permanent Anchors for Concrete or Steel 44kn  Steel anchors

Concrete dyna bolt system

Steel nut & bolt system


$80.00 + GST







Horizontal Safety Lines (Static Lines) PortableAnchor sling

These 18m webbing safety lines give lateral and versatile continuous anchorage

connections.  The 3400 (1 man) connection is made directly to the webbing line via

a large hook or karabiner while the 3400K (2 man) features connection D rings with

tension indicator.

3400 1 man $410.00 + GST

3400K 2 man $572.00 + GST