Vertical Rescue Training - Course Dates

Vertical Rescue Training

We no longer conduct this training.  Please call Spanset Australia  who do conduct this training:

Spanset Australia

Head Office

150 Old Bathurst Road

Emu Plains NSW 2750

Australia Phone: (02) 4735 3955

Fax: ( 02 ) 4735 3630

Email: [email protected]


This programme is designed for people who are working at height and may be required to perform rope rescue to extract a fellow worker who is injured or suspended.  This is a very hands on programme, where your skill levels are greatly enhanced in vertical rescue.

Your course will cover:

  • Selection, inspection, use and maintenance of equipment used for vertical rope rescue
  • A thorough understanding of rope rescue techniques including anchor selection and setup, equipment rigging, setup of mechanical advantage systems and rescue stretcher applications.
  • Knowledge and skills necessary for post fall risk assessment and control, casualty management and first aid procedures necessary for vertical rescue activities

Duration & Course Location

Duration – 3 Days from 8:00am – 5pm

Location – This course is conducted at Spanset Australia, 1/150 Old Bathurst Rd, Emu Plains NSW 2750.  Spanset is a height safety equipment manufacturer and have the correct training facilities (tower) onsite for effective training.

Student Ratio

1 Trainer to 6 students

Our courses are scheduled to start on a Wedensday.


  • Current nationally accredited Safe Work at Heights certificate
  • Current nationally accredited First Aid & CPR certificate

Training Days

Training days are a mix of classroom presentations followed by extensive practical work.  You need to be fit and mentally capable to complete this programme.


Upon successful completion of training you will receive a certificate of attainment and ID Card:

PUAOHS001C  Follow defined occupational health and safety policies and procedurres

PUASAR022A Participate in rescue operation

PUASAR032A Undertake vertical rescue

RTO for this training is RTO#91173