Course Pricing

Public Courses

Confined Space Awareness                       $235.00 GST FREE per person – starts every Monday morning

Confined Space 1 Day                                   $225.00 GST FREE per person – starts every Monday 

Confined Space 2 Day                                   $500.00 GST FREE per person – starts every Monday

Confined Space 3 Day                                   $750.00 GST FREE per person – starts every Monday

Confined Space Refresher                          $265.00 GST FREE per person – starts every Friday

Heights Awareness                                        $235.00 GST FREE per person – starts every Tuesday or Thursday 

Safe Work @ Heights                                    $225.00 GST FREE per person – starts every Tuesday or Thursday

Height Safety Equipment Inspector        $235.00 GST FREE pp – one course every month

Gas Detection Training                                 $235.00 GST FREE per person – starts every Tuesday morning

Breathing Apparatus Trg                             $235.00 GST FREE per person – starts every Tuesday afternoon





Book a Confined Space 1 Day & a Safe Work @ Heights at the same time and pay only $500.00 GST FREE for both courses.  In fact if you book more than one day of training with us, you will then only pay $250.00 GST FREE per day for that training.


GROUP BOOKINGS at our facility

Pay only $150.00 GST FREE per person per day if you book a GROUP of ten people onto the one course, that is $1500.00 GST FREE for the days training..  In fact you can have up to 12 attend the course, and you will only pay $150.00pp

We will also give you the day rate if you book more than six people onto the one course, the fee will be $1500.00 GST FREE for the group, which will be less than the per person rate for individual bookings.


COURSES at your facility

We are delighted to send trainers to your work place to train your staff at times convenient to you, no matter where that is in the world.  Be it a 3 day confined space course or a one day heights or confined space course, not a problem.  We have a fixed fee for up to ten of your staff to be trained.

$2000.00 GST FREE for the group includes our “Mobile Training Centre” coming to your site.

Please Note:  For an additional $180pp we can train up to a total of 12 staff in the one group.

If you your business is not located in the Sydney Metro Area, not a problem, our trainers will come to you be it in Australia or overseas.  The above daily rate applies, but all we have to add in is:

  • Travel to/from site at $85.00 + GST per hour if travelling by vehicle; or
  • Return airfares plus transport at venue
  • Overnight accommodation & meals charged @ $185.00 + GST per night, unless booked and paid separately by you(This may vary depending upon the actual location)