Calibration frequency is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding the use of gas detection instruments. Regulatory agencies typically refer users to follow manufacturers recommended protocols for calibration.  In Australia manufacturers and suppliers of gas monitors require calibration to be performed every six months. Sydney Safety Training have qualified technicians who can calibrate your portable and fixed gas monitors.  The calibration service includes the calibration of the monitor, issuing a test certificate and logging the calibration into the unit.  We also when required can replace the sensors in your monitor, but we would discuss the costs with you first. The calibration service is conducted at our training/service centre in Villawood (Woodville Road opposite Bunnings).  You can mail your unit to us, we will calibrate it and mail it back, or you can drop it off… Calibrations are conducted within three working days of receipt.  If  you require a gas monitor during this period, we have hire units available.

If you need to have your monitor/s calibrated or checked by us, please fill in SST A-0001 Calibration & Service Request and return with the unit…thanks


A precaution to note. It is generally recommended that a bump test or calibration be performed if it is suspected that the instrument has been subjected to any condition that could have an adverse effect on the unit (sensor poisons, high gas concentrations, extreme temperature, mechanical shock or stress, etc).