Services & Hire

Service & Hire provided by Sydney Safety Training

Sydney Safety Training provides our customers with a range of services other than training.  Once you are qualified in confined space or safe work at heights, you realise that these activities are equipment intensive, and require ongoing industry support.

You may not regularly work in confined spaces or at heights, so buying and maintaining the ppe for this work is not financially feasible.  No problem, we have an extensive hire department to provide everything you will need for one day, one week, one month or longer.  Items such as:

  • Gas monitors, both 4 gas and 5 gas with chargers
  • Gas monitor bump kits
  • Breathing apparatus
  • HP cylinders
  • Confined Space Harnesses
  • Working at heights harnesses
  • Tripods
  • Vertical Entry Devices, 6:1 rope rescue device
  • Spreader bars
  • Davit Systems – H base, fixed base, guard rail base, car tow hitch mount etc
  • Rescue Winches from 20m to 88m
  • Type 3 Self Retracting Lanyards with rescue winch built in, used with davits
  • Ventilation fans
  • Portable electric generators
  • Intrinsically SAFE two way radios
  • Lanyards, rope grabs
  • Inertia Reels
  • GOTCHA Heights Rescue Kits

For a detailed list of available hire equipment and pricing please click SST A-003 Rental Product List V3

For a copy of our hire form, with terms and conditions please click SST A-0003-Rental Form V2


If you own safety equipment, you realise that to maintain the equipment compliance there will be an inspection criteria by a competent person.  We have the competent people, we will provide you with the necessary legal documentation and just assist in easing the burden of compliance in this area.  Services such as:

  • Inspection and tagging of harnesses, lanyards and heights related PPE either at our Centre or your site.
  • Calibration of gas monitors; required every six months
  • Service of breathing apparatus, required annually
  • Testing and filling of HP breathing air cylinders – Test Station GM009
  • HP air fills up to 300 bar for breathing air cylinders

You may also need man power assistance on the job.  We have fully qualified personnel available to provide the following services:

  • Standby Rescue Staff to assist your qualified personnel to complete any high risk job
  • Confined Space & Heights Risk Assessments at your site
  • Confined Space & Heights Site Audits
  • Confined Space and Heights Rescue Plans

We are happy to assist in any way we can with problems you might have.   If the service you require is not listed, don’t worry, just call 02 9892 3370 and ask us and we will make every effort to assist in solving your problem.