Course Dates

This 3-4 hour programme is designed to provide participants with the basic knowledge and skills to apply the provisions of WHS Act regarding manual handling.  It will also familiarise participants with the Manual Handling Code of Practice. The programme is designed to meet employers “duty of care” regarding manual handling in the workplace. We can conduct the training at your work place or at our training centre.  Maximum number of students per group is 15. The programme is conducted over approx  3-4 hours depending on class size, starting at a time suitable to you..

Course Contents

Introduction – To raise personnel awareness of how the back functions and how to identify, assess and control manual handling risks which may be present in the workplace. We also want to make your workers aware that manual handling is not only lifting, but leaning, pushing, pulling and reaching.

Manual Handling for Industry – A short video presentation with group discussion.

Manual Handling Topics – presented via power point and open discussion

1.1 Use appropriate posture and handling techniques to reduce muscle load on exertion

1.2 Manage work tasks involving vibration in accordance with workplace policies and procedures

1.3 Use appropriate manual handling techniques and equipment to meet customer needs within own scope of responsibility

1.4 Package loads appropriately for easy handling

1.5 Follow lifting limitations prescribed within relevant guidelines

1.6 Use safe work practices in handling loads

1.7 Wear appropriate personal protective equipment

2.1 Identify work health and safety (WHS) hazards, assess risk and report to supervisor

2.2 Contribute to workplace design and task analysis to ensure appropriate work areas are developed

2.3 Follow workplace policies and procedures in relation to pacing and scheduling of tasks

2.4 Carry out equipment and environmental maintenance in accordance with a workplace preventative maintenance schedule

2.5 Follow workplace procedures for reporting symptoms and injuries to self and or others

2.6 Follow workplace procedures for any return to work program


Workplace Inspection – Identify the existence of any manual handling hazards in your workplace.


Statement of Attainment from RTO Safety Training #40992

All participants receive a “Statement of Attainment” upon successful completion of the programme.

HLTWHS005 Conduct manual tasks safely.

Issued through RTO Safety Training,  RTO #40992

Training Session is $1500 GST FREE for up to 15 staff at our site, $1800 GST FREE at your site.

Please call to discuss this training for staff in your work place… 02 9892 3370 or email via our link on this site..