Portable Fire Extinguisher Training Course - 4 Hours

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This specific area of fire safety training teaches your staff to operate fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and hose reels. The extinguisher training meets your WHS obligations to ensure your workforce is competent in using the portable equipment on your site. This is a four-hour group training programme that takes place at our training centre or at your workplace.

What the fire extinguisher course covers

The fire extinguisher training in Sydney covers:

  • Types of fires
  • Classification of fires
  • Types of  equipment available
  • Demonstrate how to use a portable fire extinguisher to put out a fire
  • Demonstrate correct use of hose reels & fire blankets to extinguish a fire
  • Demonstrate an understanding of company fire procedures.

Simulated fire fighting training

During this fire extinguisher safety training, your staff will actually use various types of equipment to put out digitally simulated fires. The fire will respond to how staff use the extinguisher; poor technique and the fire will not go out, good technique and the fire will subside. This is the most efficient, objective and mess-free way to learn how to operate a fire extinguisher.

Fire equipment training with BULLEX

The fire extinguisher training course involves classroom presentation and practical training using the world-leading  BULLEX firefighting system. Visit Bullex Fire Extinguisher Training to watch the system in action. 

BULLEX benefits: 

Clean Training BullsEye uses a conical laser to replicate extinguisher discharge, rather than depending on a dry-chemical or CO2 extinguisher, making it a cleaner training method.

Safe Fire Training Utilise LED-driven digital flames and a laser training extinguisher to provide a dynamic and realistic simulation for trainees while eliminating the hazards associated with conventional fire extinguisher training. Help businesses in your community meet their WH&S training requirements.

Effective Training Simulates class A, B, E and F fires at four difficulty levels. Grade trainees and monitor their progress over time. Hundreds of trainees can be trained in a single day without recharging any extinguishers.

Train Anywhere Because only a laser is  emitted, portable fire extinguisher training can now be conducted virtually anywhere indoors or outdoors – where fires may actually occur.  For outdoor use, the system also responds to BullEx’s compressed air and water SmartExtinguisher® training extinguisher.

Trackable Training BullsEye has the ability to score users and track how long it takes them to extinguish a fire, making it easy to monitor improvement and proficiency over time.  

Fire extinguisher training NSW accreditation

 Upon completion of this fire extinguisher testing course, participants will receive a Statement of Attainment with the following “Unit of Competency “.

 CPPFES2005 Demonstrate first attack firefighting equipment

 RTO Safety Training – RTO Code #40992 a division of the Safety Training Group

This fire extinguisher certification can earn participants Continuing Professional Development points (CPD).  For more details click here

Cost for fire extinguisher training Sydney

Individuals are $150 each GST FREE – select a date from the top of the page to book

Group bookings of up to ten staff at our Training Centre $1200 GST FREE – please call to book a suitable date.

Group bookings of up to ten staff at your facility $1400 GST FREE – please call to book a suitable date

Course Attendance Letter Fire Ext Training