Legal Requirements for a confined space rescue

A Person in Control of a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) must:

  • Establish first aid and rescue procedures
  • Ensure these procedures are practiced as necessary to ensure they will workMaximum penalty:
  • If this is not done and there is an accident the Confined Space Regulations advise:
  • $30,000 for Organizations
  • $ 6,000 for Individuals

If there is a death the ACT Penalties apply:

  • Corporations $3,000,000.00
  • PCBU $600,00.00/ 5 years gaol
  • Workers $300,000.00/ 5 years gaol

So before anyone enters a confined space, a rescue plan must be in place, and that plan must be rehearsed with all team members.

A confined space rescue follows the following steps:

  • Prepare for confined space rescue – have a plan, have the PPE and have the trained staff
  • Assess & manage the confined space rescue – all hazards & risks are identified, actual confined space features are assessed before deploying rescue team, rescue is managed to control access and safety & communication with others on site is established.
  • Determine location & condition of casualties
  • Gain entry to confined space – permit, gas testing, ventilation, appropriate respiratory protection, locate and treat & evaluate casualty
  • Remove casualties – removed according to plan, scene preserved for investigation
  • Conclude rescue operations – all gear removed and cleaned, signs & symptoms of operational stress are recognised and reported & documentation is completed.
 To assist in creating a rescue plan

Heights Rescue Planning Click here 

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Alternatively for a fee we can come to site, conduct a thorough evaluation with your staff and develop a workable rescue plan for any specific confined space entries or heights job you may be required to complete.  Please call and discuss on 02 9892 3370, we are happy to assist.

Are you staff confined space rescue trained, for more information click here.