Breathing Apparatus Inspections & Servicing

Any organisation that has breathing apparatus is required to properly maintain that equipment in accordance with manufacturers instructions.  Most major manufacturers of breathing apparatus require their equipment to be inspected/serviced every 12 months, with a major service every six years. We are able to provide a 48 hour turn around service of the more popular brands of breathing apparatus.  They are:

  1. Scott Safety – Centurion, Sigma II, & Contour
  2. MSA/Auer – BD78, BD88, BD96, BD Compact

All that needs to occur is for the equipment which includes the mask and a backplate to be delivered to our premises between 9:30am and 6pm Monday – Friday,  or be between 8am & 4pm on Saturdays and we will have then have the service completed within two normal working days. What does the service entail? Annual Service: Visual inspection & report conditions, a full Function Test is carried out  including face mask Positive Pressure Test and record specification.  The mask is cleaned and disinfected.  The mandatory replacement  part is the Sintered filter where installed.   Other parts will be replaced only if they are deemed unserviceable. Six Yearly Service:  This is a major service where we overhaul the pressure reducing valve,  the lung demand valve & Mask.  Replacing all mandatory parts.   Full Function Test is carried out recording results in the service report.

Service Fees
  • Annual Service,  (Labour) +  (Sintered Filter) =    Call for a quote please
  • 6 Yearly Service,  (Labour) +  (Service Kit) =   Call for a quote please, this is a significant service

MSA/Auer-BD78, BD88

MSA/Auer-BD96 & BD Compact

  • Annual Service, (Labour) +  (Sintered Filter) =    Call for a quote please
  • 6 Yearly Service,  (Labour) +  (Service Kit) =     Call for a quote please, this is a significant service


For more information please call or email. We will also courier equipment back to you which we can add to the fee.

If you need to have your breathing apparatus or cylinders serviced, please fill in SST A-0001 Calibration & Service Request and return with the unit…thanks


Breathing Apparatus Training & Refresher Training

Also remember your staff need to be trained and deemed competent in the use of breathing apparatus, course details click here. If your staff have been trained previously, remember you need to maintain their currency of training, by having them retrained periodically.  We suggest every 2 years, considering your staff would very rarely use the breathing apparatus, so their skill level is quickly lost.  Consider refresher training.