Breathing Apparatus and Gas Test Atmospheres Training

Course Dates

Training fee for combined course is $450 GST FREE.  Saving $80 based on individual course bookings.

Group sessions are $2500 GST FREE for up to 10 students delivered on the same day here at SST – call our facility to arrange a date

Gas Detection Training – Morning Session

The biggest killer in a confined space is the atmosphere.  The only way to determine atmospheric quality is through gas detection.  Remember your nose is only an odor detector, it does not detect gas.  The gases we are looking for fall under the categories of toxic, flammable and oxygen excess or deficiency.  Courses are conducted on a Thursday from 7:20am – 11:30am. 


Learning Outcomes
  • Be capable of explaining how the respiratory system works and how certain toxic gases effect persons that are exposed to them
  • Be capable of assessing the hazards associated with toxic, explosive and oxygen deficient or enriched environments
  • Be able to operate, zero/span, delete data, recall data, accuracy check and safely use gas detection equipment
  • Arrange for professional assistance when required to evaluate atmospheric hazards due to the situation being beyond the individual or organisations capabilities.
Breathing Apparatus Training SCBA – Afternoon Session

Sydney Safety Training conducts breathing apparatus training for staff in the workplace who may be exposed to atmospheric hazards.  These respiratory hazards may occur due to atmospheric contaminants or oxygen deficiency. The main concern with this type of hazard is that it may be invisible, it may have no odour or taste giving warning of its presence, or it could attack the sense of smell giving the false sense of security that it has left the environment.  Courses are conducted on a Thursday from 12md – 3:30pm.  

The types of breathing equipment covered in this course to address the above hazards are:

  • Filtration – filters and canister type filter respirators
  • Compressed Air Escape Equipment – designed for short duration escape
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) – compressed air supplied breathing apparatus worn by the user
  • Airline Systems – compressed air supplied equipment usually used for long duration work via an air line
  • Rebreather – this is a recycled system that eliminates CO2 and adds back O2 designed for long escape

The practical training in this course is centred around the use of SCBA.  At the end of the training all participants will be able to:

  • Be capable of explaining the basic principles of breathing apparatus operation
  • Be capable of calculating the expected duration of breathing equipment
  • Be capable of carrying out pre-use and post-use tests to ensure the safe of operation of equipment
  • Be capable of identifying emergency procedures to be adopted when compressed air apparatus is to be used in possible contaminated environments.
  • Be capable of using breathing equipment of your site in work and rescue situations that you may be exposed to

This training will require you to participate in physical practical exercises.


Training Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be issued with a national accreditation in the competency:

MSMWHS216     Operate breathing apparatus

PUAFIR207          Operate breathing apparatus open circuit

MSMWHS217      Gas Test Atmospheres

Please print off your Breathing Apparatus pre course reading notes here BA Pre Course Notes  and Gas Pre Course Notes

Issued through RTO Safety Training,  RTO #40992

This training can earn participants Continuing Professional Development points (CPD).  For more details click here