Confined Space Standby/Rescue Training - 3 Day Course - Course Dates

Confined Space Standby/Rescue Training – 3 Day Course

After completing days one and two, these students are then provided with training in the use of breathing apparatus, and further drilled on being a Permit Observer.  In other words re-enforcing that the standby must ensure that all permit conditions are in place and effective, that the rescue plan is in place and has been rehearsed and that workers are capable of rescuing a persons from a confined space that now has TOXIC GAS present.  Therefore the use of breathing apparatus is required to perform the rescue.  Now as this is what we term “clustered learning”, which simply means that when issuing a unit of competency, it is not achieved just on day three, but has been achieved after participation in all three days of the course. 

Let’s be clear on the issue of the CONFINED SPACE RESCUE unit.  As detailed in the two day course, personnel can rescue and will rescue, provided that the atmosphere is NON TOXIC.  On day three we add the toxic atmosphere, add the breathing apparatus, and the student then performs the more complex rescue using BA.  So this means this person after the three days of “clustered training” qualifies for the unit of competency UNDERTAKE CONFINED SPACE RESCUE.  Day three is very popular with all our Sydney Water Contractors who are accessing on a daily basis live sewer systems that are incredibly dangerous to the life and health of the worker or organisations that have as a general rule very hazardous confined spaces.

This is a FULL ACCREDITATION confined space training course for all persons involved in confined space entry.  You are qualified to fulfill ANY ROLE in the confined space team. This course commences every Monday at 7:30am or if a public holiday then the Tuesday.  This is one of the best training programmes you will ever do!!

It is compliant with “The Core Training Elements for the National Standard for Safe Working in a Confined Space” and the training also covers the Australian Standard AS/NZ 2865 (2009) Safe Working in a Confined Space.   You also must ensure you now meet the requirements of the National Workplace Health and Safety Act, and in particular the National Code Of Practice for Confined Spaces. Confined-spaces-Code of Practice 2019

The SafeWork Australia Standards for Airborne Contaminants – your responsibilities workplace-exposure-standards-airborne-contaminants-v2

This is a competency based programme, practical skills need to be achieved after classroom presentation of information. Skill competency can only be achieved via repetition of skills until competency demonstrated. Time is therefore a factor in attaining competency, with three days deemed the minimum to achieve adequate competency levels.

Training Subjects & Practical Exercises

Participants will receive training in:

  • Confined Space Legislation & Workplace Hazards & Safe Work Procedures
  • Confined Space Risk Assessment & Documentation
  • Confined Space Entry Permits
  • Confined Space Equipment, using CF harnesses, tripods & VED devices
  • Atmospheric Hazards & the use of Gas Detection Equipment
  • Breathing Apparatus and the practical use of SCBA
  • Perform CPR
  • Confined Space Emergency Procedures and Confined Space Rescue Drills

This training will require you to participate in physical practical exercises. Ensure you are fully aware of the risks prior to participating and understand the control measures employed.

Detailed Training Program

This is the detailed confined space course training programme. Training Schedule

Training Support Materials

Participants are supplied the following learning materials:

  • Confined Space Manual & Rescue Supplement
  • Confined Space Risk Assessment/ Job Safety Analysis
  • Confined Space Entry Permit
  • Breathing Apparatus Check List
  • CPR Manual
Vocational Outcomes

Upon completion of our confined space training programme participants will receive a Statement of Attainment in “Units of Competency” in the following areas:

RIIWHS202E          Enter and work in a confined space

MSMPER205          Enter confined space

MSMPER200          Work in accordance with an issued permit

MSMWHS201         Conduct hazard analysis

MSMWHS217         Gas test atmospheres

MSMPER300          Issue work permits

HLTAID009           Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation

MSMWHS216        Operate breathing apparatus

PUASAR025          Undertake confined space rescue

MSMPER202        Observe permit work

Issued through RTO Safety Training,  RTO #40992

If you are considering being trained elsewhere, check the above units of competency we issue against what the other training group issue, you might get a surprise.  We have had many companies train elsewhere, then come to us for further training to receive ALL the units of competency listed above.  So may as well come here first, it will save you valuable time and money.

Training Dates

Public Courses Our confined space course starts at 7:30am every Monday & Wednesday morning at our Villawood Training Centre.  The training hours each day are from 7:30am to 3pm.  The course is conducted over three days, finishing on Wednesday afternoon by 3pm. If demand is high we may run a second course for the week starting on a Wednesday. If that is the case, the course will be listed in the starting dates above. Training at our site means you can send staff along for public programmes at times suitable to your work commitments. You can send up to ten staff, but for these numbers we would also arrange special dates/times for your group.

Courses commence at 0730am and you need to check in at 0720am please.

 Please view our COVID operating  guidelines  SST A-0011 COVID 19 Controls at Sydney Safety Training

Onsite Courses – If you require onsite training, we can book dates and times to suit you. We take up to ten staff on this course and will bring along our purpose built “Confined Space Training Trailer”.  This trailer allows us to run realistic training for your staff that meets the practical requirements to attain the units of competency issued. F0r more details and a video of our “Mobile Training Centre”, click here.


Course Fees – The following fee structure applies to our Confined Space 3 Day full training course.  Please ensure you understand that our course fees include ALL areas of competency as shown above..other providers may conduct a 3 day course, BUT NOT ISSUE full training competencies as we do.   

  1. Public Course Bookings at Villawood
    *  $750  GST FREE per person
    *  Group discount applies to 6 or more staff attending.  Price is then fixed at $4500 GST FREE for up to ten staff
  2. Onsite Course Bookings
    *  This training is conducted at a cost of $6000 GST FREE  for up to ten staff at your site
    *  Travel to/from site  is $85.00 + GST per hour
    *  Airfares & hire car at cost if not organised by client
    *  Accommodation if not supplied by client is billed at cost.
    * For training at your site,  please fill out our site check list and return to us for review.  RST T-0021 Onsite Training Check List

Course Paperwork

Please print off your Confined Space pre course reading notes here CS Pre Course Notes

All courses are nationally recognised, and our confined space programme is Sydney Water compliant.   PARTICIPANTS MUST BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE IN ENGLISH, AND MUST BE ABLE TO FILL OUT ALL NECESSARY DOCUMENTATION.  We can train people where English is an issue, but it needs to be on a specially scheduled programme and YOU WILL NEED TO provide an interpreter..

This training can earn participants Continuing Professional Development points (CPD).  For more details click here