Confined Space Training Courses

Our Confined Space Training Courses are designed to meet your needs. If you need a FULL 3 day confined space course or a 2 or 1 day site specific confined space course we can do this for you. You also must ensure you now meet the requirements of the National Workplace Health and Safety Act, and in particular the National Code Of Practice for Confined Spaces.

What are the Confined Space courses that you run and when do they run?

1 Day – Confined Space ENTRY & WORK                                        1 day (Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday plus Sundays twice per month)
2 Day – Confined Space GAS TEST & PERMIT ISSUER                  2 day (Every week Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday)
3 Day – Confined Space Course including STANDBY/RESCUER     3 Day (Every week Monday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Friday )

Courses commence at 0730am and you need to check in at 0720am please.

Where do we conduct the Confined Space Training Courses?
We conduct weekly Confined Space Training at our Guildford Safety Training Centre, located in the centre of Sydney close to Parramatta. We can conduct training at your site too if that is more convenient,  so please call to discuss.

Overview of the Confined Space Courses
The Confined Spaced training course is a nationally accredited competency based training programme that has a balance of theory and practical elements of working in a confined space. Depending on the programme you select your staff will be trained in how to enter a confined space safely, confined space hazards & control measures, confined space risk assessing, working in accordance with a confined space permit. They may also be trained as competent gas testers, users of breathing apparatus, permit observers, CPR, work permit issuers and confined space rescuers.  See our course options above.

The advantage of sending your staff to Sydney Safety Training is that our training centre is state of the art, and our Confined space refresher training Sydney safetyconfined space practical training areas are as “real life” as is possible to have in a safe and secure training environment.  All training is conducted in fully air conditioned areas, not affected by weather. We supply all necessary equipment for effective training; tripods, 6:1 VEDs, harnesses, rope grabs, inertia reels, safety helmets, spreader bars, gas monitors, breathing apparatus, davits with winches, fixed static lines, fixed ladders etc

Who are the Confined Space Training courses for?
Our training is for employees, supervisors, managers and PCBUs in any industry regardless of state in Australia where you have confined spaces.

Do you comply with the National Code Of Practice for Confined Spaces
You must ensure you now meet the requirements of the National Workplace Health and Safety Act, and in particular the National Code Of Practice for Confined Spaces. Confined-spaces-Code of Practice 2022

Group and off-site Bookings
We can also book in groups of employees on any date as agreed upon, either at our training centre or your site. Please understand that site training requires a suitable practical area where we can safely access heights to conduct effective training. We will normally conduct a no cost site inspection prior to site training for suitability and safety of all involved.