Sydney Safety Training can provide qualified personnel to come to your site to carry out  risks assessments in accordance with AS 2865.

All organisations are required to identify and sign all confined spaces in the work place.  Once confined spaces have been identified, prior to entry a confined space risk assessment must be carried out.

  • The risk assessment must be in writing and carried out by a competent person.
  • Should there be evidence indicating that the risk assessment is no longer valid, it must be revised.
  • A risk assessment must be kept for a minimum of 5 years unless longer times are necessary as in the case of health surveillance.
  • The confined space risk assessment will include:
    – the work to be done
    – is it necessary to enter
    – identify the hazards
    – implement the control measures to eliminate or reduce the hazards to an acceptable risk; and
    – establishment of an emergency/rescue procedures

Please contact Sydney Safety Training if you require any assistance in identifying your confined spaces and completing any subsequent risk assessments of those spaces.  Also we conduct risk assessment & issue permit training if required.

All units of competency are issued through  RTO Safety Training,  RTO #40992