Sydney Safety Training has been providing cylinder testing and high pressure breathing air fills now for over 30 years.


We have a Bauer Verticus 5 Super Silent 540lt (20cfm) Breathing Air Compressor 330 Bar with P61 Filtration, Auto Condensate Drains, B Micro Controller.   This machine is fully automated to ensure air production exceeds Australian Standards.  We fill to 300 bar, but we require you to leave your cylinders for filling, with pick up in 4 hours.




Breathing air cylinders used in industry need to be hydrostatically tested every 3 or 5 years.  These cylinders have a working life of 15 years from date of manufacture.  Sydney Safety Training have an accredited Hydro Static Test Station GM 009 onsite to conduct your cylinder testing.  Cylinders can be dropped off at any time Monday to Friday.

If you need to have your cylinder/s tested, please fill in SST A-0001 Calibration & Service Request and return with the unit…thanks


Please click here for pricing, thanks Inspection Service Fees


Also remember your staff need to be trained and deemed competent in the use of breathing apparatus, course details click here.

If your staff have been trained previously, remember you need to maintain their currency of training, by having them retrained periodically.  We suggest every 2 years, considering your staff would very rarely use the breathing apparatus, so their skill level is quickly lost.  Consider refresher training.