Sydney Safety Training – Training Centre Video


We built this training centre in 2020 with the aim of creating a centre of excellence for high risk training.  
The training centre has:
  • Seven airconditioned classrooms, with desks and chairs for each student to learn in a comfortable environment and the best audio visual equipment to present the programmes
  • Large Student Kitchen where there are complimentary tea, coffee, biscuits, refrigerators and micro waves available throughout training for your use
  • Coffee truck visits each day at 9am and a lunch truck is here at 1130am approximately.
  •  Two large confined space training decks that include both tripod entry points and davit entry systems.  One is for basic confined space training, and the second for advanced rescue training
  • Our heights training deck includes two fixed climbing ladders, two climbing poles, four overhead anchor points for height descents and various static line setups and anchor beams.
  • We also have a training roof, where there is a fixed vertical ladder for access, and a portable ladder.  The roof has numerous anchor points and a static line in place to allow students to traverse this sloping work area on a height course.
  • There is a Low Voltage Training Area
  • We have a fire extinguisher training area, using digital fire fighting equipment
  • We have three EWPs onsite, a knuckle boom, mast climber and scissor lift for training to operate systems under 11m
  • We have an extensive asbestos training area, one is dedicated for removing fibro walls and the other is set up to conduct friable asbestos removal, with a three stage entry system.
  • We also have a clean room to service breathing apparatus and calibrate gas monitors
  • A service room for the periodic compliance inspections of all confined space and heights safety PPE
  • Our AIR Room has a hydrostatic test station, where we test and high pressure fill all SCBA cylinders.
  • We have two equipment hire rooms, one for software and the other for heavy hardware.

Sydney Safety Training – Mobile Training Centre Video

We have a purpose built heights/confined space / asbestos removal training trailer which we send to you for onsite training.  Using this trailer we can ensure your staff receive the best possible practical training experience at your location.   You just need to have sufficient space to park and operate the trailer.