Earning CPD points

CPD activities at Sydney Safety Training via RTO accredited training earn you three points per hour.  All our training programmes can be used towards gaining your required 12 points per year. Lunch and travel time do not count towards points. Up to 11 surplus CPD points earned in a year can be carried forward for 12 months. Some CPD must be done each year.

What are the CPD requirements for licence or certificate holders?

Licence and certificate holders must undertake 12 points of CPD activity each year in order to be able to renew their licence or certificate. The points structure and requirements of the CPD program are set out in the Director-General’s Guidelines for Continuing Professional Development (PDF, 344.35 KB).

Three points per hour learning

To earn three points per hour, the learning must:

  • have an assessable learning outcome (the learning is linked to a relevant national training package or an Australian university qualification)
  • be delivered online or face-to-face by an Australian university or a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Training provided by RTO Safety Training, RTO #40992

Training programmes that you might participate in to earn CPD’s are:

Record Keeping

To help you keep track of your CPD activities, NSW Fair Trading has developed a CPD diary.

You must keep records for each CPD activity, showing:

  • the nature of the activity
  • its educational value
  • the number of CPD points earned.

The following records are acceptable and must be kept for at least three years:

  • for three point per hour learning (by a registered training organisation (RTO) or an Australian university):
    • Statement of attainment
    • Certificate of part completion or qualification issued by a RTO or Australian university.
  • for three point per hour learning (by an approved industry association or a Government agency):
    • proof of attendance
    • receipts or other records verifying the claim for points

Proof of attendance

The proof of attendance should contain:

  1. Your name, contact details and licence or certificate number
  2. Title of the course/event/activity/training and the CPD topic area covered
  3. Course code (if any)


Here is a link to frequently asked questions https://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/housing-and-property/property-professionals/working-as-a-property-agent/continuing-professional-development/cpd-frequently-asked-questions