Line Break Training

This training describes the process to manage the risks of breaking into hazardous pipelines. The programme is designed to reduce the risk of injury or incident when breaking into a pipeline.

It is an employer or PCBU responsibility to ensure all workers are adequately trained in whatever tasks they are required to carry out.  Line Break is an important process that requires specific understanding and training.


Breaking into a hazardous pipeline is any process that will allow the contents of the pipeline to escape. This includes but is not limited to:

  • unbolting a flange,
  • unbolting in-line components such as valve stems,
  • cold cutting the pipe with a saw,
  • hot cutting with oxy acetylene equipment,
  • hot tapping.

Breaking into a hazardous pipeline is deemed to commence:

  • Immediately a spanner or similar tool is fitted to start loosening the studs or bolts prior to the separation of a flange joint or;
  • The cutting of the pipe is commenced.

A hazardous pipeline is any pipeline or inline equipment item that could potentially contain:

  • stored energy,
  • a hazardous substance. A hazardous substance refers to any chemical or material that possesses a classification under the NOHSC criteria and which possess any of the following characteristics:
    o toxicity, o corrosive or reactive state,
    o human sensitivity, and/or

o explosive or combustible state

  • Temperature less than -10°C

This is training will cover the following:

  • Explain what a line break is
  • Identify hazardous and risks involved in line break
  • Planning required
  • Safety and PPE required

All staff will receive as a result of successful completion of this programme a Statement of Attendance issued by RTO Safety Training – RTO #40992. 



“Line Break” is usually performed at the clients site and takes 2 hours.  Fees are based on up to fifteen  staff.

  1. $1200 + GST for up to fifteen staff, we can take a larger group, but please call for a quote.
  2. If out of Sydney Metro, travel is $85 + GST per hour
  3. If overnight accommodation is required, based on $185 + GST per night, unless you organise



This training is provided to organization’s upon request.  The training is usually conducted at your premises at a time to suit your staff scheduling. We need a room where all staff can be seated comfortably, and have somewhere to write. We will need access to:

  1. Power for laptop & digital projector. You may have a projector in the training room.
  2. White Board
  3. Practical training is included if required on one of your machines.
  4. Please provide LOTO procedures for your site to be included in presentation, and the procedure for the machine we may train on.


Please contact Sydney Safety Training on 02 9892 3370 between 720am – 3pm Monday to Friday to discuss this training.