“Your Safety our Future”

This is a programme to embrace all your staff, supervisors and managers to enable them to work in one harmonious safety culture within your business.  This is not a lecture programme, it is a guided inclusive presentation that requires all staff to become engaged in the presentation and therefore in the safety process in your business.

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This programme is tailored to your business.  It is not just out of a box, we need input from you, especially your CEO to assist in making this programme work.

Programme #1 For your staff (4 hours)

This is a four hour programme where we embrace your staff to ensure they make safety their issue.  To do this we do need the absolute support of the company, and we would review the company safety policies and practices.  We emphasise the need to report near misses, because reporting near misses can really reduce accidents in the future.  The programme is designed to engage each and every worker, even the “I’ve heard it all before, and it don’t work” person.  So it is a busy four hours, it takes the trainer time to generally get the confidence of the workers, but after that becomes a very positive learning session.

Staff attending this programme receive a Statement of Attendance.

Programme #2 For Supervisors & Middle Management (2 days)

This is a two day training programme.  The first morning covers Programme #1, but then we go on with work place risk assessing and the identification of hazards.  We have the staff complete a formal risk assessment, and then  we discuss the permit system.  We ensure that these people understand why permits are in place, how to monitor the permit conditions are being complied with, and what to do in the case of non compliance.

Staff attending this training receive two national units of competency.

  1. MSMPER300         Issue work permits
  2. MSMWHS201        Conduct hazard analysis

Programme #3 For Senior Management (4 hours)

This programme is four hours and assists senior management in implementing “Your safety our Future” into the future in their business.  It is nice to provide training, but the worker has to seen senior management play an active role in creating a safe work place.  Not just sending edicts & directives down to the work floor, but embrace the philosophy and be seen actively promoting it within the workforce.

If you are interested in discussing this programme, please call Bob Taylor on 02 9892 3370 to discuss.

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