Lock Out Tag Out Training

Course Dates

Lock out tag out training (LOTO) also knows as isolate plant and equipment training  provided by Sydney Safety Training is in accordance with the national unit of competency

RIISAM202E Isolate and access plant.
A statement of attainment will be issued upon completion of training to all successful candidates.

What is Lockout/Tag out?LOTO

Lockout is defined as the “placement of a lock & tag on a energy-isolating device in accordance with an established procedure, indicating that the energy-isolating device is not to be operated until removal of the lock or tag in accordance with an established procedure”. In practice, lockout is the isolation of energy from the system (a machine, equipment, or process) which physically locks the system in a safe mode. The energy-isolating device can be a manually operated disconnect switch, a circuit breaker, a line valve, or a block (Note: push buttons, selection switches and other circuit control switches are not considered energy-isolating devices). In most cases, these devices will have loops or tabs which can be locked to a stationary item in a safe position (de-energized position). The locking device (or lockout device) can be any device that has the ability to secure the energy-isolating device in a safe position.

Tag out is a labelling process that is always used when lockout is required.  The process of tagging out a system involves attaching or using an indicator (usually a standardized label) that includes the following information:

  • Why the lockout/tag out is required (repair, maintenance, etc.).
  • Time of application of the lock/tag.
  • The name of the authorized person who attached the tag and lock to the system.

Note: ONLY the authorized individual who placed the lock and tag onto the system is the one who is permitted to remove them.  This procedure helps make sure the system cannot be started up without the authorized individual’s knowledge.


What is the purpose of a lockout/tag out program?

A lockout/tag out program will help prevent:

  • Contact with a hazard while performing tasks that require the removal, by-passing, or deactivation of safe guarding devices.
  • The unintended release of hazardous energy (stored energy).
  • The unintended start-up or motion of machinery, equipment, or processes.

 Lockout/Tag out training

Sydney Safety Training can present a 2-3 hour lockout, tag out (LOTO) training course for your staff providing a national unit of competency upon successful completion.  This presentation will include, if provided, your company policies and procedures to be applied to this process. This is a safety training presentation, and covers an employer’s “Duty of Care” regarding making your staff aware & responsible of lock out, tag out procedures within your organisation.

Training Accreditation

All staff will receive as a result of successful completion of this programme a Statement of Attainment issued by RTO Safety Training – RTO #40992. 

RIISAM202E Isolate and access plant

Training Fees

LOTO is usually performed at the clients site and takes 2.5 – 3 hours.  Fees are based on up to ten staff.

  1. $1650 GST FREE for up to ten staff, we can take a larger group, but please call for a quote.
  2. If out of Sydney Metro, travel is $85 + GST per hour
  3. If overnight accommodation is required, we charge back client actual cost, unless you organise

Booking Lockout/Tag out training

This training is provided to organization’s upon request.  The training is usually conducted  at your premises at a time to suit your staff scheduling. We need a room where all staff can be seated comfortably, and have somewhere to write. We will need access to:

  1. Power for laptop & digital projector. You may have a projector in the training room.
  2. White Board
  3. Practical training  on one of your machines is a part of the programme.
  4. Please provide LOTO procedures for your site to be included in presentation, and the procedure for the machine we may train on.

Please contact Sydney Safety Training on 02 9892 3370 between 7am – 3pm Monday to Friday to discuss this training.


This training can earn participants Continuing Professional Development points (CPD).  For more details click here


Wingham Beef Exports, August 2018, had a group trained onsite in Lock Out Tag  Out (LOTO) 

We have just conducted Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) training for a group at Wingham Beef Export, inland from Taree. Albert who organised the training emailed at the completion:
” G’day Bob
Thank Peter for us, he is a credit to your organisation. Very knowledgeable in the subject matter. You will definitely be hearing from us again.
The course went very well, the participants enjoyed the session and Peter is on his way home.”
Always great to hear back from our clients on another successful training session.
We conduct LOTO training with the unit of competency “ISOLATE & ACCESS PLANT” issued on sucessful completion.