Friable Asbestos Removal training - Course Dates

Friable Asbestos Removal training


All workers involved in asbestos removal are required to complete this course to qualify them to remove FRIABLE asbestos. When working in NSW your employer must have a WorkCover Class A Asbestos Removal Licence.20160309_141712

Training Materials

You will be provided with:

  • Removal of Friable Asbestos Notes
  • Set of disposable coveralls, P2 mask, glasses & gloves at no extra charge
  • You will also be shown other equipment relevant to this type of work
  • Tea, coffee and biscuits at our training site
  • Please bring shorts and T shirt for practical training

Please print the code of practice for pre reading safely-remove-asbestos-code-of-practice-8286


The national unit of competency issued through this training is:

CPCCDE3015A – Remove friable asbestos

TheStatement of Attainment” is issued by RTO Safety Training RTO# 40992.


You must hold a national accreditation in “CPCCDE3014A – Remove non-friable asbestos”. This training can be conducted the day prior to your Remove Friable Course.

safely-remove-asbestos-code-of-practice-8286 please download and read prior to attending.. this is your bible.

Course Duration

This programme is conducted over two days, starting at 8.30am each day20160309_142510

Course Cost

The cost of this course is $650.00 GST FREE for public courses

Group Fees – Groups are bookings of up to ten staff and for this 2 day programme the cost will be $6000 GST FREE and can be conducted at times agreed to at our site. Please call to discuss.

If you require training for a group of people anywhere in Australia, please contact us on 02 9892 3370. We can provide that training at your site or ours.

Asbestos Exposure

At no time during training will anyone be exposed to asbestos.

 Training Outline

This training programme is conducted by qualified staff and  includes:

  • Prepare for asbestos removal20160310_081649
  • Prepare asbestos removal area and removal site
  • Enclose removal site
  • Carry out asbestos removal process
  • Carry out decontamination process
  • Clean up work site
  • Contribute to and use documentation in line with regulatory requirements
  • Practical training in wearing PPE, setting up exclusion zone, constructing a bubble, removing asbestos, wrapping asbestos,  decontaminating your PPE, and removing the bubble and other PPE

This training will require you to participate in physical practical exercises. Ensure you are fully aware of the risks prior to participating and understand the control measures employed.

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