Heights Rescue Kits by Gotcha

Takes the gravity out of a fall situation


Work at Height – is your risk assessment complete?

As part of your commitment to Risk Assessment you are already aware that you have to protect your operative from the hazard of falls from height. These regulations apply to all workplaces and to all employees (also to the self-employed and employees of a third party). If you were to fully assess all the hazards and  risks then you should also have addressed the actions you require in the event of a worker becoming suspended.

How can I provide a rescue solution?

Gotcha will provide rescue solutions/provisions for all your staff
who wear Fall Arrest Harnesses with Shock Absorbing Lanyards as long as you are able to safely access their anchor point.

What exactly can the Gotcha do?

The idea of the GOTCHA is to provide a rescue kit that will enable a rescuer to:

  • Attach a casualty who is suspended by a fall arrest lanyard
  • Raise casualty in order to release their current attachment
  • Raise or lower the casualty to a point of safety

The above capabilities are all achievable without the need for the rescuer to access the casualty.

We do hire gotcha rescue kits at Sydney Safety –



Gotcha Kit in Action


Gotcha Rescue Kit

The original kit in the range, designed for tradesmen who work at height

The Gotcha rescue kit is a unique solution to a problem faced by all workers at height who use PPE for protection against falls. Whereas most rescue provision has focused on the more extreme activities carried out at height, the Gotcha kit is designed for tradesmen who use common items of fall protection. In the event of a fall their situation if suspended is just as serious as any other worker and a swift recovery is essential. Suspension trauma does not discriminate against age, fitness, gender, or race – there are no particular high risk groups.

1/ Suitable for rescue from – Fall Arrest Lanyards, Fall Arrest Blocks
2/ This is a no-cut kit – The casualty is raised to release their original attachment
3/ Rescue direction – You can raise or lower the casualty with this kit
4/  Pre-assembled – No assembly is required by the user
5/  Remote attachment – The casualty can be attached from a point of safety
6/  Single person use – The Gotcha Rescue kit is for raising or lowering a single person
7/ Maximum working length – The Gotcha kit is available in four lengths -see table
8/ Colour coding – The kit is colour coded for simplicity  


The Gotcha 50 is a stock item, all others are made to order, approx 5 working days…



Gotcha Kit in Action


Gotcha SHARK Rescue Kit – Tower & Mast Rescue Kit

A rescue kit that is ideal for those who consider work at height a key part of their skill such as those who work on towers and masts

  1. Suitable for Rescue from – Fall Arrest Lanyards, Vertical Fall Arrest Systems and Webbing Fall Arrest Blocks
  2. Bladeless cutting  – The casualty is released by cutting their primary attachment with a unique bladeless cutter for safety and accuracy
  3. Rescue direction  – The SHARK is a descent rescue kit and rescue entails the rescuer descending to the casualty, collecting them and descending to safety
  4. Pre-assembled – No assembly is required by the user
  5. Assisted rescue – The rescuer accesses the casualty in order to recover them.
  6. Two person use – The Gotcha SHARK is rated for loads up to 300kg in normal use
  7. Maximum Working Length – Gotcha SHARK kits are available in the following lengths which define their working length. 30 Metre, 50 Metre, 66 Metre and 100 metre lengths

Gotcha™ Pole Top Rescue Kit

A kit for rescuing a casualty suspended by work position and fall arrest equipment when working on a pole.

Suitable for rescue from pole straps, flexible line fall arresters and work position lanyards. The casualty is raised to release their original attachment, but the kit does include a safety knife in case of difficulty when raising the casualty. The rescuer accesses the casualty in order to recover them.

The Gotcha™ Pole Top Rescue Kit is suitable for use on poles up to 15m high. No assembly is required by the user. 

Kit Contains

– Rope belay controller
– 30m Australian Standards rescue rope
– Attachment sling
– Karabiners
– Rescue knife
– Gear bag