Licensed Asbestos Assessor

A person with management or control of a workplace must ensure, so far as reasonably practical, that all asbestos or asbestos containing material (ACM) at the workplace is identified by a licensed asbestos assessor.

Under the Work Health & Safety Regulations Part 8 Asbestos, fines apply for non-compliance.

A licensed asbestos assessors can:

  • Identify potential asbestos and ACM
  • Assess the risk of exposure to airborne asbestos
  • Suggest measures to minimize or eliminate the risk of exposure
  • Prepare an Asbestos Management Plan, or review existing plan if required
  • Prepare an Asbestos Register for your site, or review your current register
  • Be present and monitor air quality and procedures during class A asbestos removal by qualified personnel
  • Conduct clearance inspections
  • Provide clearance certificates in relation to Class A asbestos removal work

Even though the act discusses workplaces, assessors will provide the same service for domestic sites where home owners feel they might have an asbestos issue.