Generic Heights & Confined Space Compliance Paperwork

To assist in making your day to day paperwork requirements  a little easier, we have made available to you generic documents that you can recreate hopefully to meet your needs.  They are:


  • SWMS for confined space entry and working at heights
  • SWMS for confined space rescue
  • Blank confined space risk assessment
  • Blank safe working at heights risk assessment
  • Permits for confined space entry

We trust these documents will assist you in your day to day compliance needs.

  1. SWMS for working at heights  heights-generic-master-swms
  2. SWMS for entering a confined space sst-generic-confined-space-swms
  3. Confined space rescue plan sydney-safety-confined-space-rescue-plan
  4. Confined Space Blank Risk Assessment rst-t-0001-risk-assessment
  5. Confined Space Entry Permit rst-t-0002-confined-space-permit
  6. Safe Working at Heights Blank Risk Assessment rst-t-0008-heights-risk-assessment
  7. SafeWork Australia Standards for Airborne Contaminants – your responsibilities workplace-exposure-standards-airborne-contaminants-v2