Fixed Rail or Static Line Systems for height safety

SKYRAIL wins IF Design Award 2015

The innovative and customizable SKYRAIL fall arrest system by SKYLOTEC was selected by an international jury out of several thousand contributions as a winner of the if Design Award 2015!  While conventional systems limit the working scope to the length of their protection device, the SKYRAIL fall arrest system enables access to any area of building site without steady mounting and unmounting, due to its ingenious system.  A flexibility that SKYRAIL allows up to three users simultaneously…

Skylotec SKYRAIL Aluminimum Rail System Compliance Statement 20150514




The SKYRAIL SYSTEM is made of seawater resistant aluminium alloy.  The system is certified as a fall protection device according to EN 795/D and may – after technical clarification – also be used for rope access work.  Designed for floor, wall and ceiling installation.  Various radius turn modules for horizontal direction changes.  The ball bearing mounted runner is subject to less wear and provides excellent running properties even in rope access applications.  The runner may be inserted or removed anywhere in the system.



The flexible SKYLINE SYSTEM is a stainless steel rope safety system for horizontal applications.  Functional description:  The SKYLINE RUN can be attached or removed at any point of the system.  The user can freely move along the rope without having to reposition the intermediate anchor and curved parts.





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  • all system components made from stainless steel
  • Stainless rope 8mm thick
  • intermediate holders and curves
  • anchoring point for system start and finish
  • tensioning element
  • built in fall shock absorber optional
  • Can be attached to steel, concrete, masonry, wood using system supports
  • Can be positioned on the floor, wall or ceiling
  • Users – 2 in field, 4 on entire system
  • Skylotec SKYLINE Horizontal Lifeline System Compliance Statement 20150301


We would be delighted to come to your site and discuss either the rail or cable system.  After taking a few simple measurements we can then provide those measurements to SKYLOTEC Australia who have a dedicated computer programme to verify the nature and forces being exerted on the supporting structure.  Once that is complete we can then provide you with a detailed quotation for supply and installation.

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