Confined Space Access & Rescue


The FP6600 series tripods are engineered with the user in mind. The aluminium legs are made of square tubing for added lightness and required strength. The alloy head has an integrated pulley system allowing a cable from a device to pass through the centre of the head. This eliminates costly pulleys and allows one of the 2 eyebolts to be used as an auxiliary anchorage. Retractable devices are mounted on the outside of the leg allowing more room and manoeuvrability beneath the tripod.


Part # Stored Extended Weight Capacity
Length Length Personnel Material
FP6600/7 1.4m 2.3m 13kg 136kg 450kg
FP6600/10 1.8m 3m 15kg 136kg 450kg


Cost 2.3m Tripod  $1100.00 + GSTFP6600 series tripods

Cost 3m Tripod $1250.00 + GST









Rope Rescue Device for attachment to Tripod

Riggersmate Hauler Kit, 6:1
8700104 (RR1aK6)

Rope Rescue Device for attachment to Tripod

This is a block and tackle system designed for raising and lowering workers into confined spaces and for confined space rescue.  The system works on a 6:1 advantage and can be purchased to whatever working depth your require.  Generally this would be 10m, 15m or 20m but can be longer (remember the cost of the systems is dependent on rope length).  The systems comes with its own carry bag, desired working length of rope, upper and lower blocks and karabiners for connection.


Cost 10m working depth of 6:1 is $1650.00 + GST 







Confined Space Spreader Bar for RescueConfined Space Spreader Bar for Rescue

To rescue an injured worker from a confined space where they need to be raised, normally using a tripod or similar device,  a confined space spreader bar is required…

Cost $120.00 + GST each