Heights - How to work on the ground

Eliminating the need to work at height is the most effective way of protecting workers from the risk of falls. Examples of eliminating the risk by working on the ground include:

  1. prefabricating roofs at ground level
  2. prefabricating wall frames horizontally, then standing them up
  3. using mechanical tarp spreaders to cover loads on trucks from the ground
  4. fitting outlets, inlets and controls of large tanks and silos near the ground (see Figure 1)
  5. reducing shelving heights so that workers can access items from ground level
  6. using tools with extendable handles, such as paint rollers (the risk of musculoskeletal disorders will need to be considered when deciding whether to use such tools)
  7. installing windows that pivot to enable cleaning from a safe position inside a building
  8. lowering a concert hall chandelier to repair it.