Heights Safety Services


At Sydney Safety Training we try and cater for all of your working at heights requirements. Our focus has and will be nationally accredited competency based courses, and we have found that as a result of providing these programs, other services and needs arise.

Working at heights equipment hire is available here at Sydney Safety Training. You may need heights gear to work safely from a roof or ledge. There may be a need to have a rescue kit to comply with standards in case of a rescue. You may even require using a tripod and rescuing device to lower workers in and out of an area to work from. When working from heights, you must have a rescue plan, hence the need for rescue equipment. All this heights equipment and more can be hired for daily or long term use from us at Sydney safety training.

Safe working at heights audits, risk assessments and rescue plans can be arranged for you, by us. Working from heights areas must be identified, and a risk assessment and rescue plan must be carried out prior to working there. This is another service we can provide.

The sale of heights equipment and other PPE is another service provided for here at Sydney Safety Training. Items such as tripods, rescue devices such as Gotcha kits, harnesses, spreader bars, and other PPE are available in STOCK, and these items are tagged prior to sale and an equipment register is created and supplied as part of the sale. This ensures that your new equipment is compliant and current. We can also tag and test your own equipment and this is usually turned around in less than a day, simply drop off at the centre. Alternatively our staff can arrange to come to your facility, tag your equipment, and then create a register and email you a copy as part of the service.

As you can see, Sydney Safety Training is more than just a training company. Feel free to drop in and inspect our state of the art training centre with superior height safety training areas as well as a full retail and service facilities at 211 Woodville Road VILLAWOOD, directly opposite Bunnings.