How long is confined space training valid for

AS 2865 – 2009 states


2.6.1 Training and competency assessment

The requirements for training and assessment of competency are as follows:

(a) All persons with tasks associated with a confined space shall be trained and assessed as competent to conduct those tasks.

(b) Persons shall be reassessed at appropriate intervals to maintain their competency to conduct tasks associated with confined spaces.

2.6.2 Records of training and competency

The training that is provided to persons and the achieved competencies shall be recorded.

The Code of Practice states:

Re-training or refresher training should be provided as appropriate for a particular workplace. The frequency of this training should depend on how often workers are required to carry out tasks associated with entry to or work in confined spaces.

Records of all training provided to workers in relation to confined space work must be kept for 2 years.

More information about refresher training

We suggest that you requalify every two years at the latest to maintain currency of training