Incident Investigation & Lead Investigator Training Trainer

Course Dates

Both our Incident Investigator and Lead Incident Investigation courses are conducted by an industry expert, Peter Tranter,  in high risk work environments, associated with provision of training, emergency response, consultation, auditing, risk assessment, incident investigation and overseeing and management of high-risk work activities.


Peter has extensive experience ensuring a thorough approach to risk assessment, incident investigation and good Corporate Governance.

He has been very involved in the overseeing the ongoing adherence to legal and industrial obligations for Work Health and Safety (WHS).

Peter’s key achievments and experiences which will enhance your investigative training are:

  • Owned and managed a national Work Health and Safety (WHS) focused organisation involved with high risk workplaces for over 30 years
  • Provided life support services as a Life Support Technician in the Australian and International offshore oil and gas sectors for 10 years
  • Liaised with high profile organisations to provide risk identification/mitigation, incident investigation, customised training, emergency preparedness, audit programs, consultancy, life support, emergency response and rescue equipment provision and maintenance specific to their needs
  • Provided incident investigation, professional/legal guidance and advice related to fatalities and serious incidents in the workplace in Australia and New Zealand
  • Designed and developed best practice for Risk Assessment processes for high risk work activities within multifaceted industry sectors
  • Introduced numerous high-risk training programs into international markets including China, New Zealand and New Guinea
  • Built specific high-risk training programs for Special Operations Command United Arab Emirates and provision of Life & Rescue Technician training level 2 to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).
  • Developed specific training programs for the Oil and Gas industry sector associated with BOSIET and ongoing life raft and facility evacuation refresher training
  • Developed online training programs for specific organisations to capture various high risk WHS programs
  • Provided professional services related to achievement of Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems AS/NZS 4801 and OHSAS 18001 requirements specific to WHS legislative requirements
  • Provided audit and investigative services to various Government bodies related to Local Government Regulators directions on alleged WHS related incidents.
  • Facilitated workplace safety culture change and root cause analysis within various industry sectors; examples include Government bodies, the mining sector, construction and aquaculture.
  • Heavily involved with the mining sector and mines rescue organisations
  • 10 years as a trained Mine Rescue Worker under the Mines Rescue Act NSW

You will thoroughly enjoy the relaxed style in which Peter trains and the ease with which he can pass knowledge on.