Fire Extinguisher Training

Use of Portable Fire Extinguishers This 4 hour programme is designed to make your staff competent to use portable fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets. In all img_extinguishers03workplaces you will find portable fire-fighting equipment.  This training will explain the different extinguishing agents and where they are best used, how to effectively operate a fire extinguisher, fire hose or fire blanket. The training will cover:

  • basic methods of locating a fire
  • Correct use of fire extinguihsers and hose reels on different classes of fire and implications of incorrect use
  • How fire can be spread by conduction, convection, radiation and direct burning
  • How water pressure influences the discharge distance of hose reels
  • Key actions in a fire emergency, commonly known by the acronym RACE: Rescue / activate alarm / confine fire / evacuate or extinguish
  • Meaning of secondary damage
  • Reasons why a fat fire requires special attention
  • Theory of fire, including the triangle of combustion
  • Types and operation of fire protection equipment classified as first attack equipment

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During this simulation, staff will use different types of fire extinguishers to extinguish fires we have digitally stimulated through the world-renowned BULLEX system.

The fires are designed to respond to how the staff use the extinguishers. So, in the event of poor technique, the fire will persist. In contrast, good technique will result in the fire abating.

BULLEX benefits include:


The simulation employs a conical laser to act as the extinguisher discharge. This keeps training clean and avoids using a dry chemical or CO2 extinguisher.


We train for a potentially very dangerous situation. However, the training itself is safe. Thanks to a laster extinguisher and LED-driven digital flames, participants simulate a real-life scenario without the real-life danger.


We simulate classes A, B, E and F fires across four levels of difficulty. Participants are monitored and greeted right the way through. We have the capacity to train hundreds of participants in one day without having to recharge any extinguishers.

Flexible location

Each extinguisher emits a laser only as opposed to an actual flame. For this reason, training can take place inside or out without posing any threats or hazards. Outdoor the system can also respond to the SmartExtinguisher® compressed air and water training extinguisher


The Bullex BullsEye can monitor how long participants take to extinguish a fire and score them accordingly. This makes it easier to track improvement as they progress through the course.

Visit Bullex Fire Extinguisher Training to watch the Bullex BullsEye in action.

Upon successful program completion, you will receive a certificate of attainment for the national unit of competency CPPFES2005 Demonstrate first attack fire fighting equipment


This training can earn participants Continuing Professional Development points (CPD).  For more details click here

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