These items can be the key to working at height safely if used appropriately.  Like all safety gear, you need to select the right item for the right job.

So this section starts with what I believe is the most flexible system for any worker to maintain him in effective restraint in appropriate circumstances..


Rope Grab Systems

These systems can come in any length, dependent on requirement, includes shock absorber (not shown) on rope grab device.

5m Rope Grab  3108-0x5.0

Price: $344 + GST each


6m Rope Grab  3108-0x6.0

Price: $359 + GST each

 Made to order – allow 5-6 working days from time of order


Pole Straps for restraint. 

#2700 Pole strap 2.5m with adjuster and Snap Hooks comes with polyester

webbing wear sleeve.   $246.00 + GST

 (#2701 Pole Strap 3.5m available on order $252.00 + GST)

#2750 Pole Strap 2.5m with adjuster and Snap Hooks but comes with robust SECUTEX

cut resistant wear sleeve.  Secutex is used extensively throughout industry

to protect synthetic lifting slings from sharp edges & generally outlasts the

synthetic pole strap.   $357.00 + GST



(3053) 1.8m Shock Absorbing Lanyard $140 + GST






(3058) 1.8m Shock Absorbing Twin Tail Lanyard $235 + GST 






(3061) 1.8m Rope Lanyard with snap hooks $152 + GST





(3055E) 1.8m Elastic Shock Absorbing Lanyard with Scaff Hook

$195 + GST


(3053HD  ERGO PLUS) 140kg ERGOplus 1.8m Lanyard $190 + GST




3055E HD  ERGO PLUS 140kg ERGOplus 1.8m elasticised webbing lanyard with scaff hook  $285 + GST


3058E ERGO PLUS 140kg Twin Tail elastic lanyard with scaff hooks  $336.00 + GST

(same as shown but twin tail)


(3061 ERGO PLUS) 140kg ERGOplus 1.8m rope lanyard

with H1 Hook  $183 + GST

(3063 ERGO PLUS) with Scaffhook $241 + GST as shown in picture



(3058 ERGO PLUS) 140kg ERGOplus 1.8m twin tail shock absorbing lanyard with scaffhooks $274 + GST


 (3068 ERGO PLUS) 140kg ERGOplus ELASTIC twin access lanyard with shock absorber and scaffhooks $348 + GST


Other configurations available upon request…


Inertia Reels & Retractable Lanyards

Inertia Reels and Retractable Lanyards provide an excellent attachment system while working at heights to limit any freefall to less than 600mm.  They are designed to operate overhead (check manufacturer for horizontal use), and in the event of a fall the system locks.  Inertia Reels have a built in shock absorbing system, whilst retractable lanyard generally have an external shock pack built into the line.

These units can come with working lengths from 2.25m to 40m.   The systems can have a webbing line, or a galvanised or stainless steel cable,  generally webbing is used up to 3m and cable beyond that.


#3201Spanset Retractable Lanyard – this is a 2.25m webbing lanyard system with shock absorber. 

Cost is $165.00 + gst










FAB 3 Plastic Housing Inertia Reel – 3m webbing with built in shock and triple acting karabiner…Cost $288.00 + GST

FAB 10 Plastic Housing Inertia Reel – 10m of galvanised cable with triple acting karabiner…  Cost $682.00 + GST 

 FAB 18 Plastic Housing Inertia Reel – 18m of galvanised cable with triple acting karabiner ..  Cost $840.00 + GST








LW62002 Latchways Webbing Inertia Reel 2m  $275.00 + gst

LW62004 Latchways Webbing Inertia Reel 3.6m  $505.00 + gst

LW62007 Latchways Webbing Inertia Reel 7m $885.00 + gst