Tower Rescue Training - Course Dates

Tower Rescue Training

We no longer conduct this training.  Please call Spanset Australia  who do conduct this training:

Spanset Australia

Head Office

150 Old Bathurst Road

Emu Plains NSW 2750

Australia Phone: (02) 4735 3955

Fax: ( 02 ) 4735 3630

Email: [email protected]



Personnel working on towers or similar structures have an obligation under the WHS Act to be able to perform when required, a tower rescue.  These personnel have already completed a nationally accredited safe work at heights course and are now gaining additional height safety skills.  Tower Rescue training is a nationally accredited training programme.

We schedule one public course per month at Spanset Australia, 1/150 Old Bathurst Rd, Emu Plains NSW 2750.  Spanset is a height safety equipment manufacturer and have the correct training facilities (tower) onsite for effective training. 

If you have a group we can schedule a programme at times to suit you.  We can also conduct the training at your site if you have suitable tower facilities.

Training Outcome
All candidates that are deemed competent will receive a Statement of Attainment in Tower and Pole Top Rescue and ID card; mapped to the following units of competency:

  1. PUAOHS001C Follow defined occupational health and safety policies and procedures
  2. PUASAR022A Participate in a rescue application
  3. PUASAR032A Undertake vertical rescue.

 RTO for this training is RTO#91173

This course has been structured to provide:  

  1. Knowledge of legal requirements for the provision for rescue and the setup and maintenance of rescue procedures and preparedness
  2. Necessary skills to safely and effectively rescue a suspended and/or incapacitated    worker from various work positions on a range of structures using a number of    established rescue systems and techniques
  3. Ability to establish and maintain individual and team safety throughout rescue process including attached climbing and work positioning methods providing access to patient
  4. Skills required for conducting of rescue risk assessments, provision for casualty management and first aid care. 

2 days if candidate holds a nationally accredited Working at Heights statement of attainment. 3 days including Working Safely at Heights.

Ratio of Trainers to Trainees:      1:6


Candidates must have completed a Nationally Accredited Working at Heights Statement of Attainment.

PUAEME001A Provide Emergency Care; or

Current First Aid / CPR Certification.

Course Contents


  • Legislation and guidance material
  • Hazard analysis and control
  • Maintenance of individual and team safety
  • Understanding of suspension trauma
  • Types of rescue equipment and systems and application to rescue site specifics
  • Anchor setup including knots, rigging and edge protection
  • Use of fall restraint, work positioning and fall arrest techniques to effect mobility during rescue operations
  • Mechanical advantage systems
  • Team organisation, communication and emergency response planning.


  • Pre-use inspection, correct fitting and adjustment of height related PPE
  • Safety / Buddy checks to ensure overall safety during rescue operations
  • Attached climbing and work positioning techniques to effect mobility on structure
  • Selecting and establishment of anchorage points
  • Abseil descent and self-rescue techniques
  • Perform a range of vertical rescue techniques on suspended casualty
  • Construct and operate mechanical advantage haul / lower systems
  • Inspection, setup and use of a range of pre-rigged rescue systems (including the SpanSet Gotcha™ range)
  • Casualty management and care.

 This training will require you to participate in physical practical exercises. Ensure you are fully aware of the risks prior to participating and understand the control measures employed.